Special Agreement Check VA: What You Need to Know

If you’re a virtual assistant, you might have heard of the term Special Agreement Check VA. But what is it exactly and why is it important for your line of work?

What is Special Agreement Check VA?

Special Agreement Check VA or SAC VA is a system used by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to verify the authenticity of certain documents. The DFA outsources this task to a third-party service provider called the Authentication Division of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

SAC VA is typically required for documents that will be used for international transactions, such as employment contracts, educational records, and other legal or official documents.

Why is SAC VA important for virtual assistants?

As a virtual assistant, you might be tasked to handle documents for your clients, and some of those documents might require SAC VA. By knowing what SAC VA is and how it works, you can provide better support to your clients and ensure that their documents are valid and recognized abroad.

What documents require SAC VA?

The following documents are typically required to undergo SAC VA:

1. Employment contracts

2. Diploma and transcript of records

3. Birth, marriage, and death certificates

4. Court documents

5. Special power of attorney

6. Certificate of no marriage record

7. Police clearance

8. Authentication of signatures

How do you process SAC VA?

To process SAC VA, you need to follow these steps:

1. Obtain the original document along with a photocopy.

2. If the document has not been notarized, have it notarized first.

3. Go to the DFA Office of Consular Affairs (OCA) and get a queue number for SAC VA.

4. Submit the original document and the photocopy to the SAC VA counter.

5. Wait for the document to be verified and receive the authentication certificate.

Take note that the processing time for SAC VA may take up to three working days, depending on the volume of documents being processed.


Being knowledgeable about Special Agreement Check VA is important for virtual assistants who handle documents for clients who have international transactions. By understanding the process of SAC VA and which documents require it, you can provide better support to your clients and ensure that their documents are duly recognized abroad.


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